Citybus strives to enhance the quality of life for all people in Kuwait. The company has developed a highly advanced network of public transport in Kuwait aimed at covering and connecting all the residential areas and at the same time providing the highest standards of public transport to nationals and expatriates.

The first phase of the Citybus operation effectively started on 8 March 2002 in accordance with predetermined and organized schedules with a mere fleet of 110 buses. . After only 6 months of operations, the company added to it's felt additional 70 buses to enhance it's Public transport services. All public transport buses are air conditioned and equipped with entertainment facilities (video, TV) as well as sophisticated ticketing system and modern wireless communications between headquarters and the operating buses.

Citybus began initially operating on 8 routes in the first year and slowly added 4 more routes for it's operation with a current operation of a total of 12 routes.

At the same time, in parallel with it's public transportation services, Citybus also began charter services for which pupose 170 coaches were added. These buses are of different classes. Besides these we undertook several contracts for the Private Sector in Kuwait. We have reached a total fleet of 350 buses within a sort span of 2 years, which is a remarkable achievement in the field of public transport.

Within a span of six months of it's introduction, Citybus has become a household name and has shown constant growth .

Citybus obtained International Quality Certificate (ISO 9001-2000) .


Future Direction of Citybus:

  To increase the lines of operations to cover all geographical areas in Kuwait.

  Operate the international bus lines in a consistent manner.

  Expand the operation of leasing buses to the Government and private sectors as well as to individuals.

  Establish modern bus terminals in key areas in Kuwait to provide totally integrated services to passengers. Introduce a highly distinguished subscription system for passengers.

  Stay abreast with the latest international developments in public transport in order to introduce and benefit the Kuwait market from such developments through. Constant communications and visits to international public transport companies.

  Continue to coordinate with the applicable government office for the purpose of upgrading the public transport sector and create the required balance between such developments and the individual passenger requirements.